Chinese Zodiac (Chinese Zodiac)
2012Movies, Comedy, Action movie, Foreign, Hong Kong, China
HD123 minutes

The protagonist of the story is a treasure hunter working around the world J.C. nicknamed Hawk. A well-known antique dealer invites him to find six rare figurines in the form of animal heads. At one time, these bronze sculptures were part of a set of 12 items that personified the signs of the zodiac. The figurines decorated a legendary fountain of the Summer Palace on the outskirts of Beijing. In 1860, the magnificent building was looted and destroyed by British and French troops at the end of the Second Opium War, and the figurines were irretrievably lost. First J.C. with a team of assistants go to France, because the two statues are kept by one of the French collectors. In the course of the operation to seize the bronze sculptures from a well-guarded castle, J.C. meets Coco - a Chinese student, studying in Paris. The woman takes an active part in the global campaign for the return of lost cultural values in the countries from where they were taken. Along the way, J.C. is making the worst enemy in the face of Pierre, the chief guard of Château Marceau. However, the treasure hunter finds a faithful friend in Catherine, a broken aristocrat, in whose house he finds one of the figurines. Coco and Catherine join Hawk's team. The group in a new line-up goes on a tropical island, where, amid the wreckage of a stranded ship, two more figurines are hidden. In the tropics, J.C. and his friends oppose a motley band of pirates. Only thanks to perfect the martial skills of the hero, they manage to win. Having returned home, J.C. is surprised to learn that the mysterious customer has already collected six other figurines. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Hawk is going to teach him a lesson in manners.

Available on devices
Smart TV
Media Players
Lithuanian, English, Uzbek, Latvian, Azerbaijani, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese
Russian, Azerbaijani, Romanian
Content provided, MEGOGO

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