Privacy Policy

General Regulations.

This Privacy Policy of youtv Service (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to the information transmitted by subscribers (hereinafter - Subscriber) of the youtv Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) оf PLATFORMA TV LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Provider) which is the owner of the Service.

The Provider pays great attention to the protection and confidentiality of the Subscribers' information. Subscribers can view most of the pages of the Service without providing any information about themselves. However, to provide certain services in the Service from the Subscriber, some information may be required in a limited amount specified in this Policy. Any information about the Subscriber that the Provider receives is used solely for the purpose of rendering services offered by the Service and improving their quality, and also in order to make the services and content of the Service more simple and convenient to use.

The following describes the principles and methods of processing information of all Subscribers of the Service who have agreed to the terms of this Policy.

Please read our Policy before using the Service or transferring your information to the Provider.

The fact of registration of the Subscriber in Service means the unconditional consent of the Subscriber to this Policy and the conditions of processing his information specified therein. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the Subscriber is obliged to refrain from registering with the Service.

Description of the information of Subscribers received and processed by the Provider.

When registering of the Subscriber in the Service, as well as when paying for and using the products and services of the Service, when carrying out polls in the Service, Provider may request from the Subscriber the following information:

  • Name of Subscriber (without a surname and patronymic), email address, login information and password for access to certain functions of the Service, information on the number, cost, time and order of Subscribers' orders for the Products or services of the Service, information on participation in the Service promotions, information about subscription to information materials or materials of the service support services. The information required for the Service through special markings, the rest of the information mark submission is at the discretion of the Subscribers;
  • Information that is automatically transmitted to Provider during the use of the Service using the software installed on the Subscriber's device, including the IP address, information from the cookie, information about the country and/ or the city of the Subscriber, information about the Internet browser of the Subscriber (or other the program that accesses the Service), the access time, the address of the requested Page, the Subscriber's device, through which access to the Service is made.

This Policy applies only to the Service. Provider does not control and is not responsible for the websites and software of third parties to which the Subscriber can click on the links available in the Service. On other websites of third parties, the Subscriber may collect or request other information, and perform other actions for which Provider is not liable.

Provider does not check the reliability of the information provided by Subscribers, and does not control their legal capacity. However, Provider assumes that the Subscriber provides reliable and sufficient information and maintains this information in an up-to-date state. The consequences of providing untrue information are defined in the Subscriber Agreement and the legislation of Ukraine. The current version of the Subscriber Agreement is always available in the Service interface at:

Goals of collecting and processing of information.

Provider uses the information solely for rendering services offered by the Service and improving their quality, and in order to make the services and content of the Service more simple and convenient to use, including for:

  • identification of the Subscriber under the Subscriber Agreement;
  • providing the Subscriber with personalized and recommended services of the Service;
  • personalization of displaying advertising materials to the Subscriber of the Service;
  • to process requests for Subscribers by the Provider or the Support of the Service;
  • for sending news and advertising information about products, services, special offers of the Service;
  • to send service messages (for example, to restore the password for accessing the Account);
  • to prevent and detect fraud and the illegal use of the Service, the services of the Service;
  • for carrying out statistical and other studies based on impersonal data.

Information processing conditions.

Provider uses the Subscriber’s information only for the purposes and in accordance with this Policy.

The information about Subscriber is contained strictly confidential.

Provider will not reveal, distribute, sell, alienate or otherwise dispose of the information received to third parties, except for the purposes and methods provided for in this Policy.

Provider is guided by the current legislation of Ukraine while processing Subscriber’s information.

Information changes or deletion in the Service.

The Subscriber can change (update, supplement) the information, completely or its part, provided by Him earlier, using the function of editing information in the Service in the Subscribers personal section at any time.

The Subscriber can delete the information provided by him in the context of his/ her account by writing an application and sending it to an email address

Protecting Subscribers' Information.

Provider values the personal information of the Subscribers, and therefore provides a sufficient level of its protection.

On the other hand, Subscribers should also take appropriate actions to protect their information. The password of the Subscriber is confidential, and Provider strongly recommends not reporting it to anyone and not letting others know it.


The "cookie" file is a small text file sent to the digital memory of the Subscriber's device from the Service's server. Cookies contain information that can later be used by the Provider.

Provider may use Cookies in order to control the use of the Service, collect non-personal information about Subscribers, store preferences and other information on the Subscriber's device in order to save Subscribers time necessary for multiple introduction of the same information in the Service Forms, and for purposes display of content during subsequent visits to the Service by the Subscriber.

Information obtained through Cookies can also be used by the Provider for statistical research aimed at adjusting the content of the Service in accordance with the preferences of Subscribers.

The Subscriber can change the settings for receiving cookies in the settings of his browser or turn them off, but in this case, some of the Service functions may not work correctly.

Refuse from mailings

Accepting the terms of this Policy, the Subscriber agrees that when the Subscriber specifies in the account settings in the special section of the Subscriber in the Service his phone number, e-mail address or if the Subscriber agrees to receive push notifications sent from the Provider to the Subscriber 's device, Provider will the right to send information to the Subscriber by means of notifications, pop-up notices, messages, push notifications or e-mails about services, novelties and conditions of use service, as well as other information, including advertising.

With the exception of notifications, pop-up notifications, e-mails that carry an information character about the use of the Service, the Subscriber has the right to refuse to receive other information through self-deactivation:

  • in the parameters of the e-mail with the distribution of the function of receiving the Newsletters by clicking on the special link indicated in the letter or sending to Service of the e-mail to the e-mail address of Service;
  • in the parameters of the e-mail with the distribution of the function of receiving the Newsletters by clicking on the special link indicated in the letter or sending to Service of the e-mail to the e-mail address of Service;
  • in the messenger on the Subscriber's device by deactivating the subscription.

Making changes to the Policy. Consent of the Subscriber with the Policy.

The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the registration of the Subscriber in the Service, the creation of an account and the subsequent use of the Service, of any of its services, functionality means the Subscriber's unconditional consent with all clauses of this Policy and the unconditional acceptance of its conditions.

The Subscriber's continued use of the Service after any changes to the Policy means his acceptance of such changes and/or additions.

The Subscriber undertakes to regularly familiarize himself with the contents of this Policy for the timely acquaintance with its changes.

Provider reserves the right at his discretion to modify and (or) supplement the Policy at any time without prior and/ or subsequent notification to the Subscriber. The new version of the Policy shall come into force from the moment of its posting in the Service, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Policy. The current version of the Policy is always available in the Service interface at:

If the Subscriber does not agree with the regulations of the Policy, he must refuse to use the Service.

Final regulations.

To this Policy and the relations between Subscribers and Provider, arising in connection with the application of the Policy, the law of Ukraine is applicable.

To this Policy, all Subscribers of the Service have access without exception.

Date of last change in the Privacy Policy 25/9/2020.

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