User Agreement


Subscriber - an individual who uses the global Internet to obtain the Provider Services provided under this Agreement.

Provider - an entity that provides the ability to view software packages using a public telecommunications network to transmit those programs and/or provides the Subscriber with access to Content (access to a specific unit of Content).

TV and radio program - a set of programs (TV and radio programs) united by a single creative concept, which has a permanent name and is broadcast by TV and radio organizations on a certain broadcasting network.

Program Package - a list of Television and Radio Programs that the Provider offers to the Subscribers based on this Agreement as an information Service.

Service - a service to enable Subscribers to watch TV and Radio programs in the Program Package selected by the Subscriber on a free and/or paid basis, depending on the selected Program Package and/or to enable the Subscriber with access to Content (access to a specific unit of Content).

1. The subject of this Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) is the relationship between the Limited Liability Company "PLATFORM TV" (Provider) and the Subscriber, which aims to view TV and radio programs retransmitted by the Provider in the public telecommunications network and/or have access to the Content (access to a specific unit of Content) by accessing audiovisual services personal use.

2. The Subscriber is any individual who provides access to the Services, including free of charge. The subscriber has an opportunity to choose the corresponding Package of programs having paid the corresponding subscription fee for a month of use.

3. The Subscriber has the right to choose all the Packages, having paid the full cost for the Services, and to choose only one. Services start to be provided only after payment of the monthly cost of the Package ('s).

4. The Subscriber can access the Services by visiting the page on the Internet at the following link: or by downloading the application (for Android, iOS, Tizen, Web OS).

5. If the Subscriber continues to use the Services after the Provider unilaterally changes the terms of the Agreement and/or the cost of the Services for the relevant month and the Subscriber continues to use the Services, it means that the Subscriber accepts the relevant changes.

6. When choosing the appropriate Package, the Subscriber is guided by his own will. Some TV and radio programs may contain erotic scenes, scenes of violence, profanity, and may seem inappropriate to watch. Such TV and radio programs are not recommended for people with mental disorders, pregnant women, and persons under 18 years of age. The provider is not responsible for viewing such scenes by the above persons.

7. The Subscriber guarantees that he will not perform any actions aimed at illegal copying and distribution of audiovisual content.

8. The Subscriber is responsible for maintaining his/her own login and password, as well as is personally responsible for all actions performed using his/her own account.

9. The Subscriber undertakes to immediately notify the technical support of the Provider by phone or by email about cases of illegal access or use by third parties.

10. Access to viewing TV and radio programs is provided «as is» and the Provider does not guarantee their compliance with the expectation of the Subscriber.

11. The Provider informs the Subscriber that the list of TV and radio programs in the packages is changed on a daily basis, based on the conditions and requirements of the owners of audiovisual content; therefore, the Provider has the right to change the list and other characteristic of the Packages, other information and the functional parameters of the Service. By agreeing to this paragraph, the Subscriber releases the Provider from any types of compensation for the executive by the Provider of the rights under this paragraph of the Agreement.

12. The Provider is not responsible for the quality of the TV and Radio program signal if the deterioration does not depend on the Provider. The provider is also not responsible for the content of the TV and radio program.

13. The Subscriber understands and does not deny that the Provider may at any time change the cost of the Package unilaterally. Information about such changes is published on the website thirty calendar days before the change. If after the relevant changes, the Subscriber continues to receive the Services, it is considered that he has agreed to the new changes and there are no objections to the Provider.

14. The Provider is not responsible for the technical serviceability of the devices with which the Subscriber accesses the Service. Also, the Provider is not responsible for the telecommunications network of the operator or telecommunications provider that provides the Subscriber with Internet access services. By agreeing to this Agreement, the Subscriber understands that from one account he has the opportunity to watch TV and radio programs on a maximum of five devices.

15. Before receiving the Services, the Subscriber independently reads the information about the cost of the Package and other related services on the site ( The subscriber can top up the account in his / her own electronic office, where he / she can get acquainted with the methods and details of payment. The Provider reserves the right to stop providing the Services without notice if at the beginning of the billing month and on the Subscriber's balance there are insufficient funds to receive the Services. For the provision of Services under this Agreement as part of one Package on a permanent basis, the Subscriber pays the Subscription Fee, which is a fixed monthly payment (period of 30 (thirty) days from payment), consists of the components specified in this paragraph and depends on the cost of the Package and subject to receipt on the current account by advance payment, or subscriptions to the selected Package (for a period of 3 (three) months, 6 (six) months or 12 (twelve) months at the subscriber's choice), received in advance single payment for the selected period, subject to the acceptance of payments by some banking systems. Payment for services may be made without the Subscriber's participation (except for one-time access), but with his prior consent on a permanent basis by automatic debiting of funds from the Subscriber's bank account or account in the electronic payment system, etc., according to the bank's terms and conditions, subject to the availability of funds in such an account. This item is the Subscriber's consent to the contractual debit by his servicing bank from his account when selecting the "Pay" option when installing and paying for services using online banking on television or mobile devices. Automatic debiting of funds for the Provider's services is carried out systematically, according to the cost of the Packge selected by the Subscriber and subscription to the tariff plan (for a period of 3 (three) months, 6 (six) months or 12 (twelve) months at the Subscriber's choice). In case of an unsuccessful attempt to debit funds from the Subscriber's account at the time of automatic debiting, automatic debiting will be carried out until the moment of successful debiting of funds. The Subscriber may at any time cancel further automatic write-off in the personal account on the Provider's website, or by contacting the Provider's technical support service at the telephone numbers indicated on the Provider's website:

16. The Access to the Subscriber's to the Program Package is provided on the following terms and conditions: 

16.1. After registration and entry into personal account, a new subscriber can watch the TV and radio program of any Package free of charge for 7 (seven) days. After the end of this period the Subscriber may take advantage of the promotion – viewing of any Package for 1 (one) UAH for 14 (fourteen) days. By subscribing to the promotion the Subscriber agrees to automatic write-off of the full cost of the selected Package for a period of 30 (thirty) days immediately after the end of the promotion for the first time, the Subscriber can cancel automatic write-off at any time in the personal account on the Provider's website, or by contacting the Provider's technical support service at the telephone numbers indicated on the Provider's website:

16.2. The Access to the Subscriber's Content is provided on the following terms and conditions:

16.2.1. Access to viewing of Content unit means that the Provider allows the Subscriber to access the Content unit selected by such Subscriber during the selected period, at a one-time fee, when the fact of payment is reflected in the electronic payment accounting system of the Provider of a such service.

16.2.2. The validity period of an access to view the Content depends on the conditions of Content access selected and paid by the Subscriber under the title "Rent" or "Forever".

16.2.3. Under validity period "Rent" means access to the Content with unlimited number of times, but for a limited period, which is calculated in calendar days at the discretion of the Provider (this period is usually set up by the right holder of such Content to the Provider), and which is indicated in the service interface. The Subscriber is aware that pausing, stopping or re-engagement of a paid Content unit does not extend the period that the Subscriber has to view such Content unit.

16.2.4. Under validity period "Forever" means that the Subscriber has right to access the paid Content an unlimited number of times during the period, as a rule, established by the right holder of such Content to the Provider, within which the Provider has the right to provide such access to the Content unit or during the entire period of the service.

17. If the Services were provided to the Subscriber improperly through the fault of the Provider, the latter shall, upon the written request of the Subscriber, recalculate the cost of the Services in proportion to the hours when the Services were provided improperly.

18. The Subscriber consents to the Provider for the use of his personal data in order to provide access to the Services, as well as to inform about new services, tariffs, preventive works, etc.

19. The Subscriber agrees to the Provider to receive any kind of messages in the form of SMS (including advertising) from the Provider to the mobile phone number specified by the Subscriber or to the email address. The Subscriber has the right to refuse the above forms of messages by making the appropriate settings in their own electronic cabinet or by contacting the technical support of the Provider.

20. The Provider will not disclose information about the Subscriber to third parties without his consent. This paragraph does not apply to cases where such information is required by the competent state authorities in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

21. The Provider has the right at any time of the day at its discretion to suspend, limit or completely stop providing the Services in case of illegal copying of content owned by the Provider or in case of unauthorized access to its technical system.

22. The Provider has the right to temporarily or completely suspend the provision of Services in the case of maintenance work for no more than twelve hours per month. In case of preventive works, the Subscriber is not reimbursed for the cost of the Services.

23. Regarding the content (audiovisual, musical works, phonograms, videograms, graphic and other materials), which contain the marking «Content provided by MEGOGO», the services of access to the specified content are provided to the Subscriber by the Limited Liability Company «Megogo» (Registration code: 38347009, location: 04080, Ukraine, Kiev, Novokostiantynivska Str., 18B).

24. Services are provided on the territory of Ukraine.

25. If the Subscriber has paid for the Services, he/she confirms that he/she has read this Agreement and accepts its terms and undertakes to comply with them. If the Subscriber uses the Services free of charge, it also means that he agrees with the provisions of this Agreement.

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